Thursday, February 16, 2012

It Has Been a Long Time

I just realized that it has been a terribly long time since I updated.

At the point I left off, I was still not able to hold Eddie.  I wish I would have continued writing this as my memories have become more and more general.  I don't remember many of the details.

I do remember the nurses in the St. David's Medical Center NICU were amazing.  Just about every one of them, maybe with the exception of exactly one, were very loving and seemed to really love caring for these babies.  To deal with baby after baby and retain that caring and loving...almost motherly...way about them is a testament to the amazing people there.  Eddie needed professional/medical care...but the care they provided was exactly what he needed in many different ways.  I love those nurses for caring for him with open hearts. And we were always welcomed in with a smile and a full report on what had happened in even the shortest time we were away.

I remember one nurse coming in to bathe him even though he had all of those wires.  She was so tender.  It was incredible to watch someone who was not his mother give him such a warm and loving bath.  She was so careful about his wires and just talked so sweetly to him and handled him with sure, yet loving hands.  I could not hold him yet, but if anyone could hold him...that is the way I wanted him held and touched and caressed.  It did just as much for my heart to see him held and loved like that as it did for him.