Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It All Started...

The day before Christmas I was very ill. I had been getting sicker and sicker as each day went on. Finally, on Christmas Eve my body just couldn't take it anymore. I laid in bed all day and felt horrible that I couldn't make it a special day for my girls. I couldn't do anything for them.

When Joseph got home, he insisted that I go to the hospital. I quickly agreed. We dropped the girls off at my mom's house and went to the hospital.

After what seemed like an eternity with the nurse on duty trying to find Eddie's heartbeat and failing, she called for an ultrasound machine and the doctor. I wish she would have done that sooner and not waited so long. I was afraid the baby was dead. The doctor immediately informed me that I would be delivering my child NOW. By that time I was so sick and disoriented that I just nodded my head. I was terrified.

Next thing I knew, I was waking up after delivering my beautiful boy, Eddie. What I did not immediately know is that he was unresponsive at birth, he was in shock and that he had experienced something called hypoxia. Luckily, he was revived. However, he had suffered a period with no oxygen (hypoxia) and had a seizure almost immediately. All of this was told to me later when another doctor came in to ask if he could proceed with treating Eddie with hypothermia (cooling of the body). We agreed. Though we are glad Eddie received this treatment, it was pure hell to watch and get through. All of this was only the beginning of what seemed to be a lot of daily stresses and scares. I will continue Eddie's story next time.

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